I Created a YouTube Channel!

Why hello there 🙂

As per my last post, my life has gotten hella interesting – & not exactly in a good way. Like I mentioned before, blogging has been fun, but I’m not entirely content with it.

New Adventure: YouTube!!! 

Filming & editing videos is SO fun for me (even though I have little knowledge of what I’m doing lol) & writing doesn’t give me the same feelings. I can show you more of my personality & you can get to know me better. This channel will mostly feature mental health/ED related videos but I also love to bake so stay tuned for those!

On my channel thus far I’ve made 8 videos (& I totally have like 70 odd subscribers which is THE COOLEST THING EVER. No really. I thought I wouldn’t even get 10. Who wants to watch a girl talk about her mental health issues? Apparently a lot of YOU that’s who! & I love each and every one of you!)

Some people may think, “why is Amy doing this? Why is she telling the world so much private information. What does she want to prove with these videos?”

  1. Talking into a camera about my issues is therapeutic. Yes, therapeutic. Some of you might never understand or comprehend that idea but it’s the truth 🙂
  2. The amount of private messages I’ve received from others dealing with similar circumstances is unnerving but I feel blessed that these people felt comfortable enough sharing this information with me. I’m developing this idea in my head that I’m a voice for others who are too scared to ask for help. It makes me feel fuzzy inside!
  3. I want you to learn something (directed mostly towards folks who want to understand more about a loved ones illness). Someday (fingers crossed) maybe I’ll get my boyfriend on camera & he can talk to you about how it’s been living with someone like me! (I’m pretty cool though 😉 MOST of the time)

So here’s the link to my channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/amyxoxoable

I’d love for you to have a little look around, drop me a few likes (OR subscribe, that would be even better!)

And a HUGE THANK YOU to every single person who has reached out to give me feedback & support on my channel. I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. I adore you!!!

Here’s to new beginnings!

Amy xoxo


Moving On

Hello my friends!

It’s been a while hasn’t it?? I have some updates for you!

Over the past few months, I’ve come to terms with a lot of things. Here’s a few things that have transpired:

  1. I quit my job at the gym.
  2. I took the first step in getting help for my eating disorder.
  3. I haven’t exercised the entire month of December.
  4. I started a YouTube channel to document my recovery.

WOAH, like what the actual fuck just happened?? 

I decided back at the beginning of December that I need to take a step back from fitness. There will be much more available on my channel in the next coming months about my eating disorder –every little aspect of it, my anxiety, my depression, the time I checked myself into a mental hospital. Yes, I did that, and it’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed over.

Filming right now will be a little tricky since I do have a regular 9-5 full time job and lighting certainly isn’t stellar in the evening. Most of my videos will probably be filmed on weekends and maybe if I like this stuff enough I’ll invest in some proper equipment so I can film any time of the day.

I like my blog, I really do…but having a channel lets me express myself more. Writing is ok, but I’d rather make videos. This is all a learning process, and I’m learning which platforms I prefer more.

I’d love to have you follow along my YouTube channel even if you don’t have any sort of ED. You will learn a TON. Before everything happened, I knew nothing about ED’s & believed every myth out there. ED’s (as well as mental illness) hold a stigma of shame & embarrassment. But I’m here to talk about it. I firmly believe that if people talked more about their issues that they would cope better when the going gets tough. You NEVER know what is going on in others lives, even the most “happiest” people.

In my job since I work in mental health, I’ve seen plenty of people I know. I’ve seen your friends and family! And it’s okay. Sometimes the look on their face when they see me puts them off, but I’m here for you. I AM YOU!!!! We all have issues & sometimes we need help from outside sources.

As for my blog, I’m not sure if much more will be posted here. It was nice while it lasted, but I’m moving on to the next adventure 🙂

Coming with? I sure hope so!

Love Amy xoxoxoxo

Finding Balance in Your Fitness Journey

I love Fall.

I’m excited for leggings, booties, scarves & hot beverages. Especially pumpkin spiced EVERYTHINGGGG. For some of you, though, this month marks the start of a new chapter in your life. How exciting!!! (I totally wrote this intro weeks ago. Meh, it’s staying! lol)

As per my last post, I opened up about my relationship with food.

I’ve been kinda MIA the past few weeks month. Taking a break from social media has been amazing for my mental health. I mean I upload the occasional IG/Facebook post & all that good stuff, but I don’t feel forced or compelled to post something just for the sake of it. I’m actually doing really well, &, for the first time in years, I can honestly say that I’m finding happiness everyday.

Finding balance in my fitness journey has been one of my biggest struggles EVER, but I’m slowly improving & I feel so much more in tune with my body mentally & physically.


So how am I doing it? Let me count the ways!

1. I’m taking an antidepressant. I’ve resisted this method of help for years. I assumed I could take care of myself “naturally,” but I was actually stigmatizing myself for having a mental illness. It sounds awful because I work with people who seek out mental health services. But I know those people are sick. I know it’s real. However, I could never convince myself that I was sick too. While you may never have to take an antidepressant, please recognize that adopting a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean you’ll never get sick or have to take medication. Listen to your doctors & never be ashamed to ask for help.

2. I look at exercise differently. If you’re just embarking on this new adventure in your life, you probably view exercise strictly as a weight loss method. It’s perfectly natural to think this, heck, that’s what I thought to! But things are different now. When I exercise, I do it for my mental health. I do cardio for my heart, strength training to take care of my muscles & bones, & well it’s a no-brainer my niche is yoga & Pilates. I practice these because I just love it 🙂 I suggest that you find something that gets you moving but it’s something you LOVE. For example, I hate running. Therefore, I never run. Easy as pie!!

3. I no longer follow any sort of set schedule or routine. I’ve tried doing this SO many times & it never works. If I missed my specific workout for that day, my week just took a turn for the worst. It was just awful & not a healthy way to be. Now I do whatever I feel like! Sometimes I walk into the gym with all intentions of attending BodyAttack but when I get there I change my mind & do a PIIT workout instead. I think this one depends on your personality & whether or not you like routine, but this definitely didn’t work for me.


4. I stopped reading nonsense online & I don’t want you to start. Eat foods that make you feel good on the inside, plain & simple. If you hate celery, don’t force yourself to eat it. Sure, there’s 100’s of articles claiming how celery is amazing & you MUST eat it because it burns more calories digesting than it contains but what the heck is the point if you’re gagging the entire time??!! Just DON’T eat it. Seriously, if I see one more article online on “10 healthy foods to eat everyday,” I’ll start ripping hairs out of my head. When contemplating a “diet,” ask yourself: can I maintain this lifestyle forever? If the answer is no, byeeeeee Felicia….!

5. I learned that fitness models are not role models. Do you have a fitspo you look to for goal body inspiration? Yes? Unfollow (yup, even if it’s me). I’ve gone a little more into detail about fitspos in this post but, in my personal opinion, fitspos are dangerous. Folks, our bodies are AMAZING & one of the best things about them is that they are ALL DIFFERENT. Even though we are humans, our bodies are so incredibly diverse from person to person. They require different needs. Your only “goal body,” should be your own. Never someone else’s…because whether you want to hear this or not, you’ll never get that body. Learn to love yours.


I hope you enjoyed today’s post! I definitely want to post more often, but sometimes I just don’t know what to talk about! Today, I felt a little inspired 🙂 If you have a topic you’d like me to delve into a bit more, feel free to make your voice heard! Sometimes I forget that real people actually read my blog & they look forward to the next post 😉

Thanks for reading,

Amy xo

My Relationship With Food

Some things I talk about today might be harmful or triggering to someone who is currently in recovery for an eating disorder. Proceed at your own discretion. 

Before I begin today’s post, I want to express to you how much I enjoy food. I love the act of eating. However, throughout the years, my relationship with food has been all over the place. I’ve adopted a pretty piss poor diet filled with many a trips to local fast food joints & I’ve been at the other end of the spectrum where the thought of grabbing food at a drive-thru makes me anxious & even tearful.

I’ll admit that my relationship with food isn’t where I’d like it to be. I have exhibited many symptoms of disordered eating over the past few years. Most of my disordered thoughts can be grouped into one category commonly known as “orthorexia,” which is the extreme desire to be healthy & “pure.” This sounds rather harmless but upon doing some research, orthorexia can be just as harmful as any other eating disorder. Sufferers may become malnourished from eliminating so many “bad” foods that are actually beneficial to proper health (ie: banning all fruits because they contain sugar) & unfortunately can be fatal in most extreme cases.

fe55dbc92fc61dde76626d78299cbc55Maybe you’ve been experiencing similar symptoms & you don’t know what to do. I’m here to tell you it’s okay! Especially with today’s technology, it’s frighteningly easy to access a plethora of information that will make you second guess anything & everything. Essentially that’s what happened to me. It’s truly amazing (& terrifying!) how our brains work & how they trick us into believing things that are not factual.

One of the best things I have done for my mental health thus far is recognizing my disordered eating thoughts as abnormal & unhealthy. That’s surely a positive step in the right direction! But how do we determine what is healthy/unhealthy behavior? I’ll give you some personal examples.

The following information can be triggering to some, so please refrain from reading if you feel this could be harmful to you:

Healthy Behavior: Checking out the online nutritional stats of meals at a restaurant in advance before heading out to order.

Unhealthy Behavior: Unable to make a decision because there’s something “wrong” with each meal. Nothing is healthy enough. Eventually dining out isn’t an option.

Healthy Behavior: Bringing along a healthy dish to a social gathering so there’s lots of variety to choose from!

Unhealthy Behavior: Bringing along your own food in fear of losing control around other foods. Maybe you might cancel last minute because it’s easier to simply stay home.

Healthy Behavior: Enjoying your favorite dessert.

Unhealthy Behavior: Avoiding your favorite dessert at ALL costs because dessert = junk food = failure. There is no longer any enjoyment in food.

I am exhausted. Mentally, physically, & emotionally.

Sometimes we think the things we find online are helpful. But, the truth is, this quote ruined me.
Sometimes we think images like the above are helpful in keeping us “on track.” But, the truth is, this quote ruined me.

There are many days where I believe that if I didn’t start wanting to be healthier I wouldn’t be in this position. I spend the majority of my day thinking about food. Thinking up the perfect meals. I never count calories, but those calories must be beneficial to improving my health. Sometimes I make myself angry thinking about it. I never started my fitness journey to be skinnier…I was already skinny! I started to improve my symptoms of anxiety & depression, which in turn spiraled into something of a mess.

You might even be thinking, “well jeez she can’t be that bad. I had lunch with her last week/month/etc & she appeared fine.” It’s really important to remember that everyone has issues. It might not be with food, but we ALL have internal struggles that we don’t feel comfortable talking about. Sure, maybe you did have lunch with me & I looked fine. But, us humans, we are excellent at hiding things that we don’t want others to discover. After I left you, I probably spent at least an hour thinking up all the ways I could rid my body of the crap sitting in my belly. “Maybe making myself throw up just this one time won’t be so bad. I’ll never do it again. Maybe the food was bad & I’ll get sick anyway. (mind you, I have an EXTREME PHOBIA OF VOMITING. Please, if these thoughts are happening to you, TELL SOMEONE. ANYONE.) Or maybe I could just go to the gym later & burn it off. Or what if I just skipped breakfast & lunch tomorrow to make up for it. Yeah, that’ll do it. I’ll do better tomorrow.”

Above all else, I feel like a hypocrite. I’m a group fitness instructor. I’m supposed to be better than this. I’m supposed to be a role model of “balance” & in trying to achieve that I lost myself along the way. I lost what it meant to be healthy.


In my last post , where I interview Steph, she says: “There is light at the end of the tunnel. And it’s there waiting for you to SHINE. Know that ED is not your destiny, it’s just part of your journey, and for some reason you were meant to go through it but in the end it will make you a better person.” These words have stuck with me ever since. Anything negative that happens to you definitely seems unfair at the time but eventually you will realize it was meant to happen. No matter how cruel or hurtful, it was meant to be. So trust it.

So…why on earth am I sharing such personal information?

Because no one is perfect. I know there are people out there who look at me like I have my shit together all the time. Realistically, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m not putting this information out there as a “look at me!!!” tactic. One of the reasons why I started this blog was to open up about both my triumphs & struggles. We can’t be happy all of the time &, for me anyway, it’s very beneficial when I discover there are other people out there going through similar ordeals.

I’m not a fitness guru, a yoga queen, or even a green juice addict. I’m Amy. I like to dance scantily clad in heels & stand on my head. I enjoy eating & cuddling (simultaneously is even better) & I have a shitty relationship with food. But that’s only one tiny part about me! I’m also a medical secretary & I teach group fitness classes. I’m the first (& only!) POP Pilates instructor in NL, Canada, & I prefer Baileys in my coffee…but only on weekends of course!

If you know someone who has an eating disorder here are a few simple ways you can help:

  • Avoid commenting on the individual’s weight
  • Avoid commenting on the individual’s food choices
  • Public confrontation/constant nagging will do a disservice to both parties
  • Avoid talking about diets or how to lose weight (hello awkward turtle!)
  • Simply be there for support & encouragement (probably the most important of all)

I hope you enjoyed reading my post even though it got a little personal! I like talking about taboo subjects that maybe others are too afraid to bring up themselves. As always, I’d love to help you anyway I can or even simply have a chat. You’re welcome to send me an email but just remember I’m not a certified health professional!

Amy xo





Guest Post: Interview with Steph from Blogilates!

Hey everyone!

Today, I interviewed a special guest for this post. Her name is Steph (aka @xogingy)! Steph actually started her fitness journey a few years back & is a dedicated Popster just like myself but on a whole ‘nother level. Her full-time job is working as the Social Media Coordinator for Blogilates! Neat hey?? We talk about our inner struggles, body image, & some ED related issues. If you’d like to see my interview, pop on over to her blog & have a read. Let’s get to it!

Taken from www.xogingy.weebly.com
Taken from www.xogingy.weebly.com

Take it away Steph! 

How do you try & improve your body image on a day to day basis?

I do NOT weigh myself. I used to validate my worth based on the scale. Now I don’t even need a mirror to validate my worth or body image. I wake up and think about how I FEEL today. It’s not always as easy as it sounds – it’s a constant work in progress. But doing things like journaling, surrounding myself with people who support and inspire me, and practicing positive self-talk really do help (as cheesy as it sounds).

You’re having a terrible body image day. How do you get through it?

I recognize that it’s normal to have bad body image days. Everyone has them. I try not to let it consume my day though. I try and figure out WHY I’m having it. Is it because I ate something “unhealthy” and now I think it affected my body so much for just eating that one thing? Is it because my clothes aren’t fitting right? Is it because someone made a comment that made me feel uncomfortable? Is it because I saw a picture of someone and I’m now comparing myself to them and I don’t feel “as good.” Or is it because I weighed myself and it wasn’t a number I wanted to see? OR is it for some other circumstance like being stressed because of work, family or friends? Body image fluctuates like crazy, but your body really doesn’t. I mean of course your body changes daily – little water weight fluctuations etc. But in reality your body doesn’t change THAT much from day to day. So on bad days, I just try to figure out why I’m having the poor body image and deal with that reason – which probably doesn’t even have anything to do with my body anyways. It’s usually an external factor.

Does your diet impact your mood in any way on a daily basis?

On a regular basis I would say no. My diet is pretty consistent, balance and varied. I eat foods that give me energy (lots of carbs like oatmeal, bread, fruits. I eat protein to keep me full and that’s how I get a lot of my “health” sweets in – from protein bars, making healthier versions of “Froyo” with Greek Yogurt. I LOVE fats so I eat peanut butter, almonds, etc that are actually known to increase your mood! I can say though when I eat something that is out of my comfort zone, sometimes it does affect my mood in a negative way. I still deal with disordered eating thoughts and sometimes I get anxiety from eating meals I don’t normally eat or eating out at restaurants. This is still a work in progress that I’m getting better at. For the most part, I listen to my body and give it what it wants.

When faced with a fear food situation how do you handle it?

I tune into intuitive eating. Just because it’s a fear food doesn’t mean I have to eat it. Instead, I ask myself these questions. 1. Do I want the food? 2. Am I hungry? 3. Will this food satisfy me? If I really don’t want the food, then I’m not going to eat it – whether it’s a “fear” food or not.

What does the word healthy mean to you?

You know, I used to and still do hate it when people call me “healthy” because most of the time they are referring to being that person who eats fruits and veggies all day long and works out to be skinny. That’s not me. I am not that type of “healthy.” If you are to call me “healthy” then it should mean that I am HAPPY. I am fueling my body with foods that I love, I am doing activity that I love and I am surrounding myself with people that I love. Healthy to me means balanced, and doing what makes me feel good.

How has your body image improved now vs before your ED?

My body image has improved tremendously. I rarely have negative body image days. I love my body because I learned how it wants to be treated. I learned what types of food make me feel the best and what kind of activity I enjoy. Lifting weights has honestly increased my body image by A LOT. It makes me feel strong, sexy and powerful. When I look in the mirror, I see so much more. I see strength, I see passion, I see a girl who is motivated, educated and ready to be so much more. Before my ED I felt none of those things.

You work for Cassey Ho now. So cool! How has Blogilates changed your life?

Cassey has changed my life in so many ways. I found my love of fitness through Blogilates. Then I found community. I found people all over the world who have a similar passion for not only fitness, but for inspiring and motivating one another. Then, when I became POP Pilates certified, I was able to officially spread the power of Blogilates/POP to people in my daily life.  In the small community I live in, I have been able to impact people and bring happiness to their day just by teaching a 1-hour class. Working for Blogilates and POP behind the scenes is so special to me. I get to empower women I don’t even know. I get to help run a business that is determined to make people thrive and reach their full potential. There is NOTHING better than that. Blogilates made me a better person. Cassey helped me realize who I truly was and I am so thankful for that.

If you could go back in time & change one thing related to your fitness journey what would it be?

Haha! Well, I wouldn’t have stopped eating peanut butter for over a year. But seriously, I would have got off stupid “fitspos” that told me not to eat after 6pm, to stop eating bread, to only do cardio. Instead, I would have looked to myself for motivation and listened to my body more. I would have spoke up when I knew I had a problem and asked for help.But, you know what – I lived and I learned and now my purpose is to help people going through the same thing.

What is your advice for someone going through an ED?

There is light at the end of the tunnel. And it’s there waiting for you to SHINE. Know that ED is not your destiny, it’s just part of your journey, and for some reason you were meant to go through it but in the end it will make you a better person. Fight every single day to get better and make progress. Yes, I said fight. You HAVE to fight, you have to be strong. Some days you’ll be stronger than others, but it will all add up and one day you will find peace. Recovery is possible.

Taken from www.xogingy.weebly.com
Taken from www.xogingy.weebly.com

Don’t you just love her?? This girl has been one of my biggest inspirations in the Blogilates community…& it’s not because of her bangin’ bod (well ok maybe a little bit), but because of her raw honesty throughout her entire journey. The ups, downs, in-betweens, Steph stays true to her followers. Her IG captions give me mad inspiration & her blog posts speak volumes to me.

Big thanks to Steph for being so open & honest. You’re a superstar!

Thanks for reading,

Amy xo

POP Pilates is HERE!

Hey everyone!

So I’m super thrilled to be making today’s post. As you know from my bio, I’m a certified POP Pilates® instructor. I passed my certification back in April but wasn’t able to teach for a multitude of reasons. Let me explain:

  • As a LesMills instructor employed with GoodLife I am not permitted to teach outside of their facilities.
  • In order to apply to GoodLife to teach POP I had to pass my FIS course here in Canada (Fitness Instructor Specialist).
  • Apparently this process takes up a whole lotta time & I only received my FIS certification a few weeks ago.

I mean I could have easily left my job at GoodLife & ventured out on my own but I ultimately decided against it. I love my job with GoodLife & I’ve made so many new friendships with fellow instructors & members. No way was I leaving my tribe behind!!

With all that cleared up….

not my GIF but thought it was too cute not to share!


POP Pilates® is the newest workout program to hit the rock. Presently, there are no Pilates-based workouts at our GoodLife gyms here in NL other than BodyFlow which I teach.

This program takes classical Pilates up a notch. There are no reformers. It’s just you, your mat, & the amazing combo of music & choreography!


Interested in trying a class???

Come check out one (or both!) of my FREE 30 min express POP classes!!! (430 Topsail Road, Village Mall GoodLife)

  • Wednesday, August 17th @ 7:30 pm
  • Wednesday, August 24th @ 7:30 pm

How about 12, 1-hour sessions? My POP Pilates Bootcamp begins September 7th !!!

Camp will run from September 7th until October 12th. Prices for this camp are:

  • $199 + tax for members
  • $279 + tax for non members

Camp will be held Monday & Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm. If you’re a current Wednesday evening “BodyFlow-er,” this time works perfectly since my Flow class runs from 6:30 – 7:30 pm!!! So all you gotta do is stick around right???

To sign up, you can let me know, call the Village Mall GoodLife gym, or sign up online here (just scroll down until you see the POP Pilates camp link). Only 12 spots remaining so be sure to sign up real quick!

I can’t wait to get my POP on with you! Let’s create our own POP Army here on the east coast!!! 🙂

Hope to see you soon,

Amy xo


Recipe: The BEST cookies ever!

Let’s forget for a moment that these cookies are actually healthy.


If I had to choose a favorite dessert, there’s no doubt cookies would be in the top three. There’s something so awesome about cookies, especially good ol’ chocolate chip. I’m a HUGE fan of Sally’s Baking Addiction (autographed cookbook & everythannn’ no big deal). Sally taught me there is a science to baking the perfect chocolate chip cookie. I won’t go into great detail about that today because we aren’t baking chocolate chip cookies!

We are making THESE!


I found this recipe from Detoxinista entitled, “The Healthiest cookies EVER.” Honestly, I didn’t want to scare you away with the words “healthy,” & “cookie,” in the same sentence so I compromised. These cookies do not contain chocolate or milk or any of the typical ingredients that make cookies taste delicious. But the flavour is so unique & delicious it’s a must try!!!!

#sorrynotsorry with the click-bait title…


There is no dough chilling, no waiting around for room temperature butter & eggs. A bakers dream!!! The entire recipe from start to finish takes about 30 minutes (I don’t know about you but I’m terrible at following estimated times while making a recipe. When I say 30 minutes, I mean it!)

In total, these vegan cookies have 6 ingredients! A source of healthy fat, vitamins, natural sugar…I could go on but who really cares…?


It’s cool I’m not offended.

Here are the ingredients:

  • 1 cup pitted dates
  • 1.5 cups nuts -either one variety or a combo (I’ve tried cashew, almond & pecan)
  • 1 flax egg (1 tbsp milled flax seed mixed with 3 tbsp warm water)
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract

Lets bake some cookies!!!

Firstly, you will need a food processor (NOT a blender). I bought mine at Canadian Tire for somewhere around $50 & I love it! Doesn’t have to be super fancy or expensive.

Next up, grab some pitted dates. If you’re thinking, “Yuck, abort mission I hate dates,” …CHILL. My love, you just haven’t successfully worked with dates. On their own, they are sometimes tough & dry. Today, we are emulsifying them in our food processor!!

If your dates are tough, place them in a bowl & pour some boiling water over top. In about 15 minutes they should be super soft & easy to work with. We don’t want to burn out our food processors with rock hard dates!

Meanwhile, whip up your flax egg. “Huh? The heck is a flax egg?” Flax eggs are natural vegan substitutes for regular eggs. A flax egg acts as a binder to hold the dough together. Mix together 1 tablespoon of GROUND flax (fun fact: your body can’t digest whole flax meaning it doesn’t absorb ANY of the nutrients unless it is milled!) & 3 tablespoons of warm water in a small bowl. Let it sit on the counter for 5-10 minutes to allow the mixture to thicken.

Preheat your oven to 350F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Pour dates & nuts into the base of your food processor. Pulse a couple times then let it run until combined. Add in your flax egg, salt, baking soda, & vanilla. Process all ingredients until a sticky dough is formed.

Wet your fingers & gently shape balls of dough onto your cookie sheet. The cookies won’t really spread/rise much so be sure to flatten them to the desired shape. Bake for about 10 minutes. Let cool & eat!!

Amy xo

Does Social Media Cause Eating Disorders?

Disclaimer: If you find cursing offensive, please click the X in the top right hand corner of this page. Bye Felicia! 

I’ve wanted to make this post ever since I created my blog but wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to say. In a nutshell, I think there’s a HUGE correlation between social media & eating disorders…

I didn’t create this graphic but I thought it was quite informative!

Back in the day (ya know, cause I’m so old lolol), before Facebook & Instagram, we had lives. Better yet, we had lives that didn’t revolve around our appearance. Growing up, I remember NO ONE caring about their natural shape & size. My friends & I played outside. We played with Barbies (BTW, I never once compared my body to a Barbie. That’s freaky.) We did all of the things normal kids do. Not once did we compare our bodies, at least not that I recall.

For me, it helped that my mom never talked about her body in a negative light. The word “diet” didn’t exist in our house. Thanks Mom, you instilled healthy body image values in me & I love you so so much! (Side note to all the parents out there: please don’t talk bad about your own body, especially around your children. Monkey see, monkey do right??)

It’s only been the past little while that I’ve noticed how damaging the media is towards both women & men when it comes to how we should look. While men are affected by this nonsense too, this post will refer to mainly women since, well, I am one! So please don’t think I’m totally disregarding men. I’m on your side too boo!!!


When I started working out & eating healthier I really had no idea what I was doing. I knew I didn’t need to lose weight but everything online, in magazines, & on TV was telling me I did.

Wanna know a secret?

I actually believed that if I completed enough of those Cosmopolitan “Victoria Secret,” workouts I would have Candace Swanepoel’s body. I thought that anyone could have an Angel’s body if they tried hard enough…because that’s what the media tells you! But it’s a lie. All of itAs embarrassing it is to admit, I was just uneducated & put my faith in something that was an illusion.

It’s probably not much of a shock to find out Victoria Secret models are photo shopped. You know what’s asinine though? Sometimes the models are photo shopped to appear “fluffier,” ie: no protruding ribs, more curves, etc. WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK. Oh, & don’t forget the raw chicken cutlets sewn into their bathing suit tops so their tits look on fleek. You think I’m joking? All of this info is online you just gotta dig for it. Don’t even get me started on their infamous annual Fashion Show rituals. Remember there’s only a handful of VS models in existence for a reason…they won the genetic lottery.

With that said, I am NOT shaming these models. Dude, they’re fucking beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to frolic around in a bikini on a sandy beach getting paid more per hour than I make in one day?!? HELLO, common sense people!!! But marketing these women as “anyone can look like this if they try hard enough,” or “the ideal woman,” doesn’t sit well with me at all.

So how dangerous is social media becoming in relation to eating disorders? Remember when thigh gaps were all the rage? (terrifying by the way…not thigh gaps in general but trying to convince the entire universe that you can change your body type sure as hell is.) Well folks, I do not have a thigh gap. In the eyes of the world, I was not “the ideal beauty.”

Oh, but wait.

There’s a new trend on the rise: the thigh brow. Guess what?? I have a damn thigh brow! So literally overnight I went from “meh” to “you are now the definition of beauty.” M-I-N-D F-U-C-K central. Another thing, is it even possible to have both a thigh gap AND a thigh brow?? So are all the girls who have thigh gaps now supposed to be sad & hate their bodies??? LIKE WHAT DO YOU EVEN MEAN???!!! AND WHO MADE UP THE WORD THIGH BROW???!!!

The more I immerse myself into the fitness world the more fucked up shit I discover. Regular ass people photo shop their social media pictures on a daily basis & we believe it’s authentic. I downloaded a free app a few months ago & I could change myself to look any way I desired! Whiter teeth? Smoother face? Slimmer thighs? All at the touch of a virtual brush! (FYI I didn’t post any of these altered pictures publicly, but it was very eye opening nonetheless.) I mean I love a good filter but photo shop though? Girl I don’t know about you but I wanna look relatively the same in both real life & online.

Another thing about social media is that each time we create a post we are sharing an image that we WANT the world to see. It’s so easy to get caught up on your phone & scroll through endless images of perfect people living their seemingly perfect lives. Come back to reality!!!! There is not one person in any of those photos who is perfect. Who honestly wakes up in the morning with on point “bed head,” hair, 0 blemishes & sits ever so dainty in their bed dressed in an over sized t-shirt, thigh high socks & coffee without spilling it all over their crisp white bed sheets????? NO ONE I TELL YOU. THAT HAPPENS TO NO ONE.

l_486b6860-920c-11e1-b846-0faa56100003Aside from the fake ass “candid” social media pictures (we all know that shit ain’t candid, you took 50+ photos just to get that perfect one. A girl ain’t gonna judge though!) there are the #fitspos, the #inspiration, & the #fitgirls just to name a few. These tags are marketed as harmless, unlike #thinspo, #thin, & #thighgap but are they really? Are wash board abs really inspirational? NO!

“Pffftt. Easy for Amy to say. She has abs!”

Wanna know what actually happens when you have abs?(& this is why I get REALLY awkward when anyone refers to me as inspiration.) 

  • You tend to avoid certain social situations like restaurants, movies, any activity with food or potential for slip ups.
  • You go to the gym seriously everyday. You might even sacrifice other life events just to get your workout in.
  • Essentially you stay home & do nothing.

Does that sound worth it? So while you stare at these images of perfect musculature just think about how much was sacrificed for that image. Many of these social media famous fitspos? It’s literally their JOB to look the way they do. They have no life other than improving their physique…& I’m NOT SHAMING THAT. But it’s pathetic to take those images & market them to the general public with an “anyone can do this,” attitude. No actually, not everyone can do that. What these people do is absolutely NOT for everyone & no one should feel shamed or inferior because they don’t have quads the size of Texas. It takes a special type of person with a very healthy mindset to be in tip top shape most of the time & honestly? In my opinion I don’t think it’s healthy. I’ve been approached to do bikini competitions in the past & I always say no. I know deep down I would wind up with a serious eating disorder. But that’s another post for another day!

Today’s post obviously shed some negative light on social media, but here’s the thing: Social media can be a tool or a weapon of mass destruction. It’s up to you to decide which route to take. Be rational. Recognize that the images you are viewing might be altered to some degree. Realize that we all lead different lifestyles we are all unique & special. We each have something different to offer the world. Your path in life might have nothing to do with getting abs or quads the size of Texas, & that’s “ab”solutely fine (see what I did there, I’m such a meathead.)


Thanks for reading!!!

Amy xo

What I Eat in A Day

Happy Monday all. It’s also the beginning of a new month so today is a great day to start fresh!

Aside from the frequent vegetarian questions, many people are curious to know what I eat in a day. Why? I’m not exactly sure. But before I get started though, I just want to mention a few things:

Eating exactly what I eat won’t make you look like me. Holy crap that sounded vain AF. Please don’t take it that way. What I mean is, simply following someone else’s “diet” won’t give you their body type/shape, you feel me?

Everyone’s bodies are different. We all respond to food in different ways. I love pickles & mushrooms. I also know plenty of people who hate pickles & mushrooms. I despise cilantro. Lots of people out there adore cilantro. You see where I’m going with this. Embrace your unique taste buds!

I don’t believe in counting calories. This post will not end with a “daily calorie total,” or anything to do with a macro nutrient breakdown. I don’t like to over complicate my “diet” & personally never count ANYTHING because I’ve learned it’s not a healthy practice for me.

Okay let’s jump right in! Here’s what a typical food day looks like for me (I’ll use today as a real life example):

Each day usually begins with a glass of apple cider vinegar diluted in lemon juice, cinnamon, & warm water.

Da fuq you drinkin’ girl….?!?

Hold up. Let’s back track just for a moment. The reason why I drink this concoction every morning is to get my digestive system up & running. Due to bloating/gas issues, I always feel better when starting my day this way. The taste isn’t the greatest but it works for me!

If, by chance, you want to try it, combine 1-2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar (with the mother, super important), 1-2 tbsp of lemon juice, a pinch of cinnamon & fill the remainder of the glass with warm water. Enjoy! (should total to about 8 oz)

Next up is coffee. Duh. Would you expect any less from me? In my coffee I use original cashew milk as creamer. For people who prefer an alternative to dairy, cashew milk is by far the best in my opinion. I omit sugar/sweetener because I’m already sweet enough (lolol gosh Amy, you’re so funny). No but honestly though, I used to drink ONLY double doubles from Tims in high school. I could never imagine coffee without real sugar or cream. Now I don’t miss it. I actually dislike the taste of sugary coffee. Plus, I like to save my sugar for real treats!!!

BreakfastIMG_0495This morning I ate the last slice (1/4) of zucchini pie I made over the weekend & an apple. I know it’s not a full blown calorie dense breakfast but I got in a hefty serving of veggies, fruit, dairy & protein so that’s really all that matters to me. Variety! Protein in the morning is always a good idea because it keeps you full until your next snack/meal rolls around.

Snack #1
My mid morning snack today was a banana & almonds. I’m one of those people who prefers 6 smaller meals a day as opposed to 3 big ones. This method keeps my digestive system running smoothly.


Sorry for motley image. Work lunches aren't pretty ok?!
Sorry for the motley image. Work lunches aren’t pretty ok?!

Lunch was amazing! I brought along some homemade teriyaki salmon & cauliflower herb mashed potatoes.

Snack #2IMG_0636Today I brought some cut up veggies (peppers, carrots & grape tomatoes). Usually I pair these with hummus but I have a confession to make…. I’m so sick of hummus I could vomit thinking about it. So while I know I should have some protein with my veggies, extra almonds will have to make due. I need a new protein dip. If you have any ideas leave a comment below!!!!

Supper IMG_0631Tonight I’m having a high protein plant based dish I made over the weekend. I totally slayed the meal prep game this week! It’s full of brown rice, edamame, baked tofu & veggies.

Snack #3

I have no idea what my evening snack will be. I’m thinking either a protein bar, a couple homemade protein muffins, or maybe a nature valley bar slathered in peanut butter. Who knows, maybe I’ll have one of each lol!

Obviously If I’m exercising & expending more energy than usual I need more fuel so I simply listen to my body. Pro tip: never, EVER, under fuel. Your workouts will suffer as will your body!

If you’re reading this, it might be because you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle & that’s awesome. Good on you for taking charge of your health. But all of this might seem overwhelming. Zucchini pie, Amy? Seriously? If you’re looking to become more educated on healthy eating & balancing out your meals with a variety of nutrients, a fantastic resource is the 28 Day Reset by Blogilates. I personally own this program & it is such an educational tool. I’d NEVER endorse a program that I wouldn’t personally use. Out of over 150 recipes, It’s where I found my go-to teriyaki salmon! Turkey cucumber roll ups are good too…yummmm my mouth started watering after thinking up that one!

You can read more about my experience with PIIT28 over on my PIIT28 page. I talk a little bit about the eating plan. This plan literally showed me how I’m SUPPOSED to eat to suit my lifestyle. If you have any questions about either the workout program or meal plan feel free to ask me. I am 100% honest & all opinions on the program are my very own!

Thanks so much for reading,

Amy xo

5 Reasons Why Yoga is a Perfect Workout

I guess you could say I have a pretty biased opinion when it comes to yoga. I teach a yoga-based fitness class!

I wanted to make this post because I feel like yoga is one of those workouts that’s quickly swept under the rug. Some folks think it’s “not real exercise,” or it’s “just for old people,” or “you need to be flexible.” As Sheldon Cooper would say, this is poppycock.


In my opinion, yoga is definitely one of the best workouts out there! Here are 5 reasons why I believe practicing yoga is a perfect workout:

It’s a triple threat. Most fitness junkies will agree that a proper workout program includes three elements: cardio, strength training & flexibility training. Yoga incorporates ALL of these making it an ideal workout! Try breaking out a few sun salutations & notice your heart rate sky rocket. Arm balances? Requires a great deal of muscle strength. If you’ve ever tried to hold chaturanga for more than 10 seconds you know how strong your body needs to be! And flexibility? Pretty self explanatory as it’s essentially a by product of yoga.

It looks cool. Let’s be honest, some of those pretzel yoga poses look bloody awesome. Plus, yoga isn’t really something that everyone is doing, so pulling out a headstand or grasshopper pose at the gym can make heads turn. It’s also quite the confidence booster to overhear people conversing over your muscle control abilities. Don’t try to tell me you wouldn’t enjoy the positive vibes! Remember, you’re a Goddess even if you fall. OWN IT!

Increases body awareness. I’m not much of a spiritual or religious person but yoga feeds my soul. Being able to be completely aware & in control of your body is a beautiful thing. We spend our entire lives with ourselves so it makes perfect sense that we should try & tune into our bodies the best way possible. By increasing body awareness, we train ourselves to control our minds rather than vice versa. We become more patient, thoughtful, & calm even in high stress situations.

Aids in managing stress & anxiety/depression. Most types of exercise will help with symptoms of depression since it releases endorphins which we all know make us happy! With regular practice, yoga helps you relax, become more aware of your surroundings & be present in the moment. I can attest to this one without a doubt. I suffer from all 3 of the above & yoga has certainly helped manage my symptoms! There hasn’t been a time yet where I finish a little yoga sesh & haven’t felt some sort of peace or happiness.

Can be practiced anywhere. I mean anywhere. At the airport, at a bus stop, at your office desk.  You can literally do yoga in bed (NO that’s not what I mean ya little nasty. Acro-partner yoga anyone? LOL). There’s really no wrong way to practice yoga. It could be as simple as focusing on your breath to calm your mind during a hectic workday. Get rid of some of that mental chatter. Create your OWN yoga!

I realize there are stereotypes that perhaps scare people off from practicing yoga but don’t give into that nonsense. Take myself for example: many yogis will say I’m “not a real yogi,” because I don’t do things like “practice the 8 limbs of yoga,” or know any sanskrit names for poses (other than chaturanga) or know how to “tune into my chakras.” I swear like a sailor & I’m not a vegetarian. I don’t post life changing quotes or captions under my Instagram yoga photos like all the cool yogis do or practice daily mantras. And that’s absolutely OK. It’s not in my character or personality other than “kumbaya save the whales.” In my opinion, this is your own personal journey & there’s no right or wrong way to do it.

If you’ve ever thought about trying yoga this is your sign to give it a shot! You probably won’t be good at it. No one is their first time around. Leave your ego at the door. Have patience, a little faith, & don’t take yourself so seriously. I have yet to meet a soul who didn’t feel significantly refreshed & rejuvenated after taking a yoga class.

I will end this post with a shameless self promo because why not?!

Take my BodyFlow class this summer!

Mondays, 8pm (Mount Pearl Goodlife Fitness)

Wednesdays, 6:30pm (Village Mall Goodlife Fitness)

If you have any questions/advice about yoga I would love to help to the best of my abilities. Remember though, I’m not a certified health professional!

Thanks for reading,

Amy xo